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Exercise 1.22

Here is my procedure for computing primes in a certain range and display the time needed to check their primality.

As my computer is way more powerful than the average computer of the 90s, i need to check much bigger primes to be able to measure a significant time duration.

We can recap the results of the procedure in a table:

Time to check for primality
Prime number Power of ten Average time to check (seconds)
\(10^{11}\) \(0.39\)
\(10^{12}\) \(1.23\)
\(10^{13}\) \(3.86\)
\(10^{14}\) \(12.22\)

\(\sqrt{10}\approx 3.16\), \(\frac{1.23}{0.39}\approx 3.15\), \(\frac{3.86}{1.23}\approx 3.14\) and \(\frac{12.22}{3.86}\approx 3.17\).

If a prime is approximately \(10\) times bigger than another prime then the time to check this number is approximately \(\sqrt{10}\) times longer than the other.