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Exercise 1.7

The problem of the good-enough? procedure is that 0.001 is arbitrary small and is not optimal for small or big numbers.
For instance, (sqrt 1.e-10) return 0.03125000106562499, which is obviously not even close to the exact 1e-5 solution. For big numbers, the program hangs on my system: (sqrt 1e60) never terminates. Below is an alternative code which introduces a new variable old-guess to keep tracking of the change during two iterations to find the approximation of any square root. Here a guess is considered good enough if the ratio between the old guess and the new guess is close enough to one.

Now we can easily compute the square root or small and big numbers.
(sqrt 1e-10) returns 1.0000000015603234e-5.
(sqrt 1e60) returns 1.0000000031080746e30.
Our new version works way better for small or big numbers.